How We save

Reduce the consumption

Changing or adding more efficient lighting elements (e.g. LEDs) and optimizing its on (b.p. presence detectors).

Our benefit, your savings

We charge a portion of the savings go as producing, not before.

Contracted power optimization

By optimizing the elements and reduce consumption, we can reduce costs for contracted power.

Guaranteed savings contract.

We promise that get a minimum savings writing.

Each month we control consumption

Calculate the actual savings we will inform each invoice.

We assume the installation costs

Community or company does not invest, everything runs at our expense.


… And even more savings

Optimising elevators, motors, counters, reactive power, etc …

zero problems

Once installed everything, we deal with all repairs free (*)


In the event that the community is not satisfied you may terminate the contract at any time

We leave the facility as it was before our actions (at no cost by the community or company).

(*) It includes repairs breakdown or end of life. It does not include accidents, vandalism or similar.


We also offer

  • Eco2VPO maintains the characteristics of EcoComunidades adapted to the particularities housing official protection.
  • The calculation is made on VAT invoices.
  • The percentage guaranteed for the customer is greater than in neighboring communities, because it is social housing and bind the promoter VPO several promotions.
  • In the case of VPO rental additionally perform the following actions: unification of accountants, telematics Viewable online monitoring of consumption by tenants, installation of photovoltaic generation.
  • The system of issuing electronic invoice and contract terms remain the same as in the program for condominiums Eco2Comunidades.

  • Option A. Recharging points patented low installation cost (less than 1000 Euros). No fixed costs additional power to be connected to the same counter as the home or office. Legalized first point of Catalonia parking. We take care of all arrangements with community administrator and legalization.
  • Option B. Install and manage billing consumption point recharge your garage for any type of plug-in vehicle. We handle everything, we will cover all costs of installation and only you invoice your monthly electric consumption depending on the load carried.


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